Photographer Feature 5questions x 5images: Edgar Diaz

What made you start shooting film? 

"William Eggleston and Kodachrome got me hooked."

Who or what are you most inspired by? and why? 

"I'm most inspired by photographers with a defined style. I'm still developing my own style and find it very hard to stick to one look."

How did you educate yourself to take better pictures? 

"I taught myself by using an old, finicky manual camera, watching videos on Youtube, and reading forums to grasp the basics. It snowballed from there."

What does photography mean to you? 

"Photography is appreciation of life and the moments that pass us all by.. Its taught me to notice and appreciate things that most people wouldn't . Signs, buildings, the way a street lamp is reflecting off a car at night, photography has taught me to see beauty in the mundane, and insignificant."

What’s your dessert island camera?

"Nikonos V - Its built like a tank, and works underwater."

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