Photographer Feature 5questions x 5images: Ethan Chapparo

What made you start shooting film? 

"I started shooting film when I found my parents old nikons in a box, an F3 and Nikkormat. I shot a roll of Tri-x with both cameras just to see what it was like and I loved the way they handled compared to the DSLR I was using at the time. I decided to just stick with film."

Who or what are you most inspired by? and why? 

"I find inspiration in listening to noise and drone music when I’m walking around taking pictures. I enjoy listening to walls of sound, it helps me keep focus on taking pictures and nothing else. Tim Hecker, Grouper, and William Basinski are a few musicians that I listen to when taking pictures.

As far as photographers go, I’ve been inspired by the work of Joel Meyerowitz, Alex Webb, and Philip-Lorca Dicorcia. I love the way they utilize light and color in their compositions to create incredible photos."

How did you educate yourself to take better pictures? 

"Looking at photo books and other photographer’s work in person has been really helpful. There’s a kind of magic that prints have that don’t translate through computer monitors. If you have the chance to see a photographer’s work that you like in person, go see it!

Seeing how different photographers work while taking photos is something that helped me early on. There’s a video on YouTube of Garry Winogrand where he’s being interviewed while taking pictures on the street that I found especially helpful. I would try to emulate how he went about photographing his subjects and just get more comfortable taking photos of people on the street.

What’s helped me out the most is just keeping a camera on me as often as possible and try to take pictures everyday."

What does photography mean to you? 

"I believe photography extends beyond just taking a picture. It’s a way you see the world, looking for beauty in the mundane and capturing moments in the chaos of everyday life."

What’s your dessert island camera?

"My Leica M6 and 35mm Summicron. I feel like a Leica snob when I talk about how great I think they are haha, but for me it really is the best camera I’ve ever used."

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