Photographer Feature 5questions x 5images: Lucas Torres

What made you start shooting film? 

"Seeking community. There was an analog meet up group (FCM) I wanted to connect with but didn't have a film camera of any kind, so I borrowed a buddy's 35mm SLR (so I didn't look like a poser with a digital camera, duh) and I fell in love after getting the results of my first roll of film back; Kodak Ultramax 400."

Who or what are you most inspired by? and why? 

"Tough question, there's no singular thing or person that I would say stands out above the rest. What - Art of all disciplines, architecture, cinema. Who - My partner, my photo peers & studying the greats like Philippe Halsman, Vivian Maier, William Eggleston & H.C.B. to name a few."

How did you educate yourself to take better pictures? 

"For technical knowledge like depth of field, exposure, metering.. YouTube University! There's such a vast collection of knowledge there it's insane, also just googling whatever I wanted to learn like "how to meter for a double exposure" and finding a discussion about it in some forum from 2002. Asking experienced photographers for tips or solutions to a specific problem I was having and a lot of trial and error."

What does photography mean to you? 

"Photography is an extension of myself. I almost always have a camera with me (and hate myself when I leave it at home) to document my life and the spontaneity of the world around me, it's my channel for creative expression where I can be patient and intentional. It's my tool for critical engagement, both inwards and outwards."

What’s your dessert island camera?

"Bronica ETRSi - fully mechanical, can use it to crack open a coconut."

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