Photographer Feature 5questions x 5images: Sara Murphy

What made you start shooting film? 

"When I started with photography...that was all there was! I studied photography in high school and college so all of my training was on film."

Who or what are you most inspired by? and why? 

"I have capital P Photographers whose work I love (Arbus, Eggleston, Olivia Bee), but I would say in terms of constant inspiration, I’m more inspired by my friends. I love seeing a friend’s post in my Instagram feed that I can correctly guess who it is because their style is so defined. Or seeing a post and being surprised by someone taking a risk or trying something new."

How did you educate yourself to take better pictures? 

"I wish I was better at this! I try to take notes both when I take pictures and when I get my film back. What worked, what didn’t, what do I think I would do differently next time. I also do a lot of looking online at flickr pools and photoblogs if I’m using a new film so I have an idea what to expect with it."

What does photography mean to you? 

"Mental Health. Five years ago I bought a digital camera (a nice one!) thinking it would be a one time investment into expanding my photography. But I never took to it. Pictures wouldn’t turn out how I wanted them to, and the fact that I could see the result immediately took me out of the process and the frustration would grow. With film, I can fully concentrate on the experience and the process, removed from immediate self criticism. Film Photography specifically has helped a lot with my depression and anxiety. It gets me out of the house, gives me a “reason” to walk around without a destination. "

What’s your dessert island camera?

"My Voigtlander Bessa 4RM, the best gift I ever gave myself."

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